In my body of work, I focus on the action of surfing, the corresponding movement of the human body and the intoxicating, rapturous state of mind that is unlocked through this way of life. These women that are pictured are free and light, no matter the size, but also focused and determined. I chose women as my subjects because they are often misrepresented in the surfing world, if they are represented at all. My subjects are not phased by the viewer because the only things that matter to a surfer when they are out in the water is the board and the waves. I draw inspiration from the bold color scheme and the women featured in Lisa Brice’s work because she portrays women in a powerful way, each with a strong sense of self-possession. I also love how she portrays a dreamlike environment in her works. My work speaks to the meditative, spiritual connection found through a board in the ocean. These works were created using watercolor marker, water wash, gouache, paint pen and salt on watercolor paper.