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Artist Taylor Trbo Donohue has been honing her craft her entire life, but it often took the back seat due to sports. She devoted her younger years to basketball, then accepted a full ride scholarship to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa after finishing high school where she grew up in Southern California.


When beginning her second season, she suffered from a career ending back injury. Since that chapter ended, she has been blessed with health and is now fully able to jump in and let her creativity take the wheel. This opportunity gave Taylor full freedom to explore her limitless potential. No medium is a foe to the six-foot-four jolly giant. She graduated fro the University of Hawaiʻi with a BFA in fine art with a concentration in digital imaging.

Taylor is continuously evolving and introducing different elements into union to extend the range of her talents. She has always found inspiration from the earth and Hawaiʻi’s breathtaking beauty has only intensified that.


Every day she takes pride in noticing God’s intricate use of detail through color. Life is vibrant- regardless.


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